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Heavy sludge formation

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  • Heavy sludge formation

    New regulation for Sulphur cap 2020 has been implemented and entering into force last January 2020, Many ship owners and crew as well as the superintendent have complained about the reason that their machineries are damage by using LSFO/VLSFO. One is excessive sludge formation, as a previous seafarer this kind of event is a huge inconvenience mainly to the ship owners and technical managers because any damage to the machinery is of great value in the spares necessary, and a great disadvantage to the ship owners, Most importantly ship crew especially the lower rank, because they are required to work even if their rest period is violated. In my previous experience being superintendent it could tell that seafarer were really suffering due to repeated problems causing by this bad fuel.

    Let us add to the current world phenomenon called pandemic virus where our seafarers will not be able to return homes even after their contract is over, it also includes and difficult to arrange spares parts and service provider as almost all ports have implemented restrictions as well airport terminal, it is also the cause of delayed the products in the global market.

    What is the best remedy to resolve the problem to be implemented globally for proper use of said fuel and it had to end soon as our seafarers were at ease, they are also what we call frontlines in the field of the shipping industry.

    Thanks you
    Joe Perez