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    Sir I like to work in a shore based establishment than sailing . I already completed B,tech marine engineering from Cochin University Of Science and Technology. what are the posts in ship building industry or industry related to shipping that i could apply.

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    shibin ship building industry has two sections 1) New building 2) Retrofit / repair section. New building you will have hierarchy same as ship repair for retro fit / repair section. GM, DGM, Manager, Asst manager, Sr. Engineer, Engineer, there are few more below this ranks. But since you have qualification you can start as an engineer. If you already have experience, depending upon it & the role and requirement from respective company you can be selected at senior levels.
    To be little more specific, they are again divided into different departments. Most of them call out fit department & In house/workshop department. Again they are separated by Structural, mechanical, electrical, electronics, instrumentation departments.

    You have to choose your interest area and what strong skill you have to lead the team. Mechanical team are responsible for installation of machineries (engines, propeller shafts, stern tube bearings, boilers, line shaft bearings... etc), alignment, pre checks, meeting work requirements as per class/OEM. Electrical are responsible for mounting electrical motors, pannels while help is from mechanical team at times for heavy jobs, checking correct wirings in the system, wiring to panels, responsible for switch rooms electrical installations etc. Others can be elaborated but you choose what you are interested in most and be sure that you be skilled enough before you again want to change.

    About shipping if you have sailed you will be more aware than me of various maritime rules, keeping all certificates up to date, managing team on board, vessel operation fulfilling all rules both as per maritime law and company requirement. Accordingly you can see posts of GM, Manager, Superintendent, Maintenance and planning manager/engineer, operations gm/manager/engineer. Hope to have informed you sufficiently.


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      is there any advantage if i get a certificate in auto cad


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        Yes. Qualifications are always of advantage if put in use at right time. Much better if you get a parallel job, adding on exposure thereby giving you broader vision of your choice.

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      Yes having autocad and navcad certificate is very much welcome to continue coarse there..because you can also get job in parallel while studying..Thats what he hold..


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        Originally posted by hariandro View Post
        Yes having autocad and navcad certificate is very much welcome to continue coarse there..because you can also get job in the best car upholstery cleaner 2018..Thats what he hold..
        Good idea!
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          good one ..