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Bulk Carrier - Poseidon Structure Help

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  • Bulk Carrier - Poseidon Structure Help

    Hello! Can anybody please help me get a working bulk carrier midship structure? I need the plates and profiles dimensions so I can make a FEMAP model for my degree's final project.

    I tried using DNV-GL Poseidon, but its giving me a lot of bs errors and results. Is there anyone that can actually use this software and give me a walkthrough? Or anything similar. Would even pay for a working structure which i can just reproduce into FEMAP and do my analysis.

    I also tried looking into the rules of designing the structure, but they are impossible to comprehend as a first time reader. Will probably need 10 years of experience in the field before i can design a whole structure by myself from scratch.

    If anyone is willing to help, i can provide all the principal dimensions and other info i have atm.