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Naval Architect required for help with engine placement.

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  • Naval Architect required for help with engine placement.

    Hi Guys,

    About 8 months ago during the university holidays a mate & I decided to jump in the deep end and purchase a run down old boat with the thoughts of converting it into a criscraft look-a-like.
    We are brand new to boat building scene and have been on a steep learning curve ever since (YouTube & forums are wonderful things).
    It has come down to the stage where we need to start exploring engine designs & engine positioning. We have run the generic calculation for the size of the engine, though we are limited by height as the hull design is very shallow (please see below for hull side height & boat width measurements) therefore any help on suggesting engines or engine designs will be very much appreciated.

    The main reason for posting on here is because us 2 muppets don't know the first thing about Naval architecture and we need to find out the optimum position for an engine in our boat. Below are all the measurements of the boat (measured from 4 points on the boat) & photos.

    1. O cm (Transom) - Height = 41cm Width= 122cm
    2. 157cm - Height = 54cm Width= 122cm
    3. 314 cm - Height = 65cm Width= 122cm
    4. 471 cm - Height = 60cm Width= 122cm
    5. 628 cm (Bow) - Height = 0cm Width= 0cm

    As we are students our budget to build the boat is next to none so we would greatly appreciate any help anyone of you could offer.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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