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Different Types of Bulkheads and properties?

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  • Different Types of Bulkheads and properties?

    What are different types or class of bulkhead and how they are classified?

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    Hello! amit : They are classified in three section: Class A, B and C

    Class A

    divisions forming bulkheads and decks that;

    · Constructed of steel or equivalent

    · suitably stiffened

    · Prevent passage of smoke and flame to the end of one hour standard fire test

    · Insulated using non-combustible material so that average temperature on exposed side does not rise above 140oC and point temperature above 180oC. The time the bulkhead complies with this governs its class:
    A-60 60min

    A-30 30Min

    A-15 15Min

    A-0 0Min
    Class B

    These are divisions formed by bulkheads, decks, ceilings and lining

    · Prevent passage of flame for first half hour of standard fire test

    · Insulated so average exposed side temperature does not rise more than 139oC above original and no single point rises more than 225oC above original. The time the bulkhead complies with this governs its class:
    B-15 15Min

    B-0 0Min
    · Constructed of non-combustible material and all materials entering the construction are similarly non-combustible except where permitted

    Class C

    These are divisions constructed of approved non-combustible materials. Combustible veneers are allowed were they meet other criteria.


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      Watertight bulkheads are vertically designed watertight divisions/walls within the ship’s structure to avoid ingress of water in the compartment if the adjacent compartment is flooded due to damage in ship’s hull.