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Fast Rescue Boat LSA Requirements

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  • Fast Rescue Boat LSA Requirements

    Hi guys,

    As its seen in the LSA Code, there are several differences between the Rescue Boat (RB) and the FAST Rescue (FRB) one.
    Besides the difference in speed, self-righting during capsizing, all found at the Code's regulations, some informations are not yet very clear:

    1- Is there a minimum carrying capability for Fast Rescue Boats ? As seen in regulation, normal rescue boats has it stated "be capable of carrying at least five seated persons and a person lying(...)". Is there any similar standards that applies to FRB?

    2- Is there any regulation that determines that is mandatory that all FRBs shall have a rigid hull ? I didn't find anything specific prohibing FRBs to have inflated hulls and got quite confused as i read regulation

    "Except as provided by this section, all fast rescue boats shall comply with the requirements os section 5.1, except for paragraphs,,, and"

    If FRB shall also comply with section 5.1 of the Code, it is determined that all rescue boats (and that includes FRBs) can be rigid, inflated or the combination of both. Is this statement wrong ?

    Thanks for the help!