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HI I just want to ask a few questions PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THESE

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  • HI I just want to ask a few questions PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THESE

    1.Specific cargo areas you must focus on during loading and unloading?

    2.Deconstruct labeling of dangerous cargo and what is UN number and PSN? How are these relevant not only to you but also to all handling the material? Where do you find UN number and PSN? How important is proper labeling of dangerous cargo?

    3.As the chief officer, what is handling of hazmat cargo? What are your considerations if the loading instructions you received does not contain cargo characteristics and you cannot find in IMDG Code, what will you do? and WHY?

    4.explain the procedures to protect crew form health hazards and dangerous cargoes?

    Hoping to help me. please ADMIN

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    gamaoevan : Please find these articles in response to your query:


    2. UN numbers are unique four-digit numbers – preceded by the letters ‘UN’ – that identify dangerous goods and hazardous substances. Numbers are assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and are harmonized across the various international dangerous goods regulations. It is a universal standard used by both land and ship based personnel.
    PSN or The proper shipping name is the name/title that best describes the substance the entry refers to. PSNs are not always the names of chemicals or scientific sounding. For example, UN 1057s PSN is ‘Lighters or Lighter Refills’

    3. If the loading instruction does not contain characteristics, the chief officer is responsible whether:
    • its dangerous, hazardous and/or harmful properties have been determined;
    • it has been classified in accordance with the class definitions and criteria; and
    • the entry that most accurately describes the nature of the goods has been selected.

    Once the class of the goods has been established, all applicable requirements for transport laid down in the IMDG Code should be complied with. Any substance, material or article having or suspected of having, explosive properties or characteristics should first be considered for classification in class 1.
    A “GENERIC” or “NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED (N.O.S)” entry may be used to offer for transport by sea a substance, material or article which is not listed by its name in the Dangerous Goods List.

    The details of the hazardous cargo are provided in the "Standard Transport Document" along with the labeling on the cargo package containing
    Proper Shipping Name and corresponding UN number, Labelling specifically refers to Class label(s) and Subsidiary Risk labels.