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Hours of work and rest STCW regulations Discussion

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  • Hours of work and rest STCW regulations Discussion

    This question stems from the offshore industry where it is a regular feature that all crew are on the 6 on 6 off rotation on a daily basis .Post your ideas on its compliance with the latest STCW regs.

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    This is always a contentious subject. The primary consideration here is what is considered to be "rest"? If we consider a rest period to be any time where a Seafarer is not on duty then the 6 on - 6 off system is compliant. The seafarer gets the required 77 hours per week, 10 hours per day, and a single (or in this case two) daily rest period not less than 6 hours. However, if we consider the work related activities completed during the "rest" period (e.g scrubbing up after a shift, laundering of boiler suits etc.) to be "work", the minimum 6 hour block of rest has not been achieved. No easy answer to this, and interpretations of the requirements will vary, but going to the absolute limits of compliance as standard practice may eventually leave the Company exposed in the event of an incident.


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      As MLC2006 Title 2, Regulation 2.3 paragraph 5 says, maximum hours of work per week should not exceed 72 hours (which means 10 hours and 20 minutes per day)

      5. The limits on hours of work or rest shall be as follows:
      (a) maximum hours of work shall not exceed:
      (i) 14 hours in any 24-hour period; and
      (ii) 72 hours in any seven-day period;
      (b) minimum hours of rest shall not be less than:
      (i) ten hours in any 24-hour period; and
      (ii) 77 hours in any seven-day period.


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        Read about STCW at


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          Hi! I understand this is an old post. I recently came across an app where it was really easy to keep a track of your work and rest hours.
          It's called workrest. I would recommend it.