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Ship Electrician or Ship Electrical Engineer

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  • Ship Electrician or Ship Electrical Engineer

    In the late 20's, the industries were hiring electricians for the maintenance of the vessel. Here in the Philippines, a Master electrician were usually preferred for that specific job. It was only in the year 2005 if I'm not mistaken when agencies were hiring Electrical Engineering graduates with Registered Electrical Engineering license. Now, the work of electrician has extended to the fact that we dont only maintain the ship but part of our job is to be competent with automation (PLCs), electronics equipments, interpreting not only electrical wiring connections but pneumatic & hydraulic diagrams as well.
    My request to the shipping industries is to stop addressing Electrical Engineers as Electricians but with a more professional categories like Electro Technical Officer or Electrical Officer or Electrical Engineer.
    Tnx a lot Mates

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    Agreed.They are important part of the ship's team. Even regulations (STCW 2010) now states them as Electro-technical officers.


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      Electricians are most definitely infinitely important to a ships infrastructure. I myself spent 8 years as an on-board ship electrician before opening the Electrical Pros, my Sacramento electrical contracting business. It wasn't easy being gone for so long but it was an experience of a lifetime.

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        Yes. I think so.


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          Good to know that you have been worked on ship as an electrician for 8 years. It's pretty long time, thanks for sharing your experience as an electrician.