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    i have done 4 years course of marine engineering from tolani maritime institute pune, i secured a cgpa of 8.2 with a scholarship in my final semester. sir during this course we have to do an internship in our final semester, which lead to my placement in a reputed shipping company. After joining my first vessel in few months made me realize that i am not good for sea career. Now sir i am in dilemma of what to do next.
    i am thinking MBA as one of the options from INDIA through CAT but are there any other options available ? Are there jobs for fresher marine engineers on shore ? Cause doing MBA with some work experience will help me to get a good collage.
    I appreciate your early response which will help me taking decision.

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    @ Shivank: It is always recommended to at least have a CLIV COC. Then you can opt for advance courses (MBA) and other job opportunities. Apart from doing MBA, you can opt for facility management services, hotel engineers etc by doing some basic reefer/ AC plan courses. Not much options available for freshers.


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      This is one of the main dilemmas young maritime professionals face after their first contract at sea.. blame it on the education system which provides no insight on the life at sea during the course..

      Shivank.. as Mr. Anish said...try and get Class IV examination...however, if you are damn sure about not continuing with the field then start looking for other options.. many youngsters procrastinate and then eventually get stuck... however, do note that even clearing Class IV wouldn't ensure you a decent job on take your decision wisely..

      Also, as you are young and without any major responsibility, it is advisable to pursue further studies of your interest.. you can look into the options of ship design, maritime law, MBA etc. However, most of the reputed companies would require a decent work experience for jobs...

      If you are planning to give MBA, it would be advisable to take some work experience as MBA without work experience wouldn't help you much..unless you are able to get into one of the IIMs or a top-notch institute....

      Lastly, if you look around there will be some jobs available, however, make sure you make up your mind firmly that that there will be a major difference between the on board and on shore salaries..

      Hope this helps..


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        Any advise on how to apply for singapore pilots....I want to become marine pilot in singapore. i have masters COC


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          It is okay if you wish to divert from the path of your career but think for a while if you survive for some more time in the sea it can fetch you good salary. You can do some certification in advanced tanker oil and chemical which can fetch you even better jobs. After a certain period of time you won’t need to stay at sea. You can even get good returns of your invested money in your course. You can always pursue MBA if at all this does not satisfy. Good luck and all the best.


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            I am a industrial mechanic since 22 jears.
            I am new in this app an don't no what is going on, but am looking for contracts or useful informations for working on a cruise or containership on sea.
            If you can help please contact me.
            Thank you


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              I'm in final year of my BTech marine engineering
              And I'm not placed though
              And keeping the current scenario in mind I'm not even sure whether I'll get a job or not. I don't even have any recommendations.

              So, I would like you to guide further in the field. What to do and how to do !
              Will going for masters be a good decision. And what are the other scope for a Marine Engineer.