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  • Considering Seafaring Career

    I've been doing a lot of research recently on the qualifications to become a merchant mariner. From what I've read, the industry isn't doing to well currently. I'm wanting opinions on, since I have no experience in the industry, would it be a good idea to look into entry programs such as the one offered at Piney Point? Seems like a good program (minus the BS in phase 1) and you leave as an AB ones completed. Any other suggestions (like to simply look else where, as times are tough)? Thanks in advance.

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    Thatoneguy The times are real tough for entry level candidates and crew (AB , OS). The situation is expected to remain the same for at least this year (I cannot predict the longer run) hence either join this field and ready for a long waiting period to get a ship or try for an entirely different profession. This is your call. Best of luck