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    A two stroke internal combustion engine has five cylinders of bore 900mm and stroke 1400mm. Indicator diagram taken when the speed of the engine was 2rev/s had an area of 7.2cm and a length of 8.0cm. If the vertical scale of the diagram is 1.1bar/mm, calculate the indicated power of the engine

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    georgewayne9975 Forumla:
    Area of the indicator diagram = a [mm2]

    Average height of the diagram = a [mm2] / l [mm]

    Average mean indicator pressure = a [mm2] / l [mm] x k [bar / mm]

    or Pm = ( a / l ) x k [bar]

    where k = spring scale in bar per mm

    Work done in one cycle = Mean Indicated Pressure x Area of the Piston x Length of stroke

    = [Pm] x [A] x [L] Indicated Power of Unit [ip] =

    Mean Indicated Pressure [Pm] x Area of Piston [A] x Length of Stroke [L] x Number of Power Strokes per Second [N]