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Which of the following statements pertains to

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  • Which of the following statements pertains to

    propulsion engines with bore exceeding 200mm?

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    The units will be fitted with means to display the exhaust temperature of each cylinder.

    When the piston diameter exceeds 200mm, the engines are considered as highly rated engines. In such engines, the exhaust temperature of individual units will be on higher side and sufficient amount of power is developed by the units. In order to have proper running of the engine, it is necessary to have a balanced engine. The balanced engine can be roughly described by comparing the individual unit temperature. If the exhaust temperatures of the units are within prescribed range, one can consider that the engine is properly balanced. It should also be noted that exhaust temperature is not the only indication of power balance. For this purpose, the indicator card is taken and the power developed by the individual unit is calculated the best method. It can be a rough estimation of power balance.