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Where is the Cavitation and corrosion in cooling water

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  • Where is the Cavitation and corrosion in cooling water

    system of diesel engine usually occurs in engine?

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    cylinder liner.

    When the water enters into the cylinder liner, it gets heated up. At the same time when water passes through the cylinder liner, the velocity of water increases due to

    restricted passages. As the velocity increases, as per Bernoulli’s theorem, pressure drop takes place. As the pressure drop takes place, water tends to boil off at lower

    temperature due to which steam bubbles are formed. These bubbles get bursted creating cavitation. Hence if the liner is opened for inspection any time, especially at

    the places of restricted entries and passages, cavitation is easily visible.


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      Corrosion occurs in the Cooling Water Tower mostly because of the dissolved solids and reactions of fungus


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        The corrosion caused by water is due mainly, but not restricted to, dissolved oxygen. Keeping the cooling water treated, like boiler water, is needed.
        From memory the oxygen must be below 50 ppm which also depends on its pressure and temperture.
        So chemical dosing of phosphate and ensuring the water is soft to begin with, will prevent a build-up of sludge causing hot spots.