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    What are the Causes of broken piston rings?

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    Detonation is one of the major cause of piston ring breakage, it usually occurs when fuel ignites prematurely due to hot spots on the valve head or anywhere in the combustion chamber, this produces high gas loads and localized high temperatures, leading to broken rings, especially the top ring. The sudden increase in pressure can really hammer the pistons and rings causing them to break. On some engines the improper ring stagger can cause ring breakage. Pistons with a short skirt should never have the butt gap at right angles to the piston pin ( stagger 180 across the piston pin). If the old piston is reused with new rings some times the new rings will break despite the ring axial and radial clearances being within the allowable limits. This is because of the liner bore exceeding the allowable taper limit (worn out of round) so that the edge of the new compression ring scrapes off too much lubricant and then galling happens. Always be sure to check butt gap clearance in the prescribed position in the bore with the ring square. Lastly, rings break, on all diesels and many times for reasons that are unknown.


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        Here are the causes that I know:
        (1)Insufficient piston ring and groove clearance (2) Not enough cylinder lubrication (3) Large amount of wear in cylinder liner (4) Excessive diametrical clearance between the piston and cylinder liner (5) Excessive wear on piston ring lading face in the piston ring groove (6) Ring gap too small (7) Incorrect preparation of ends of piston ring adjusting gap.