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What is boiler opening up and Inspection Procedure

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  • What is boiler opening up and Inspection Procedure

    What is boiler opening up and Inspection Procedure

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    Follow the boiler blowdown procedure, After making sure no vacuum in it, first---

    - To remove top man hole door, slacken the dog holding nuts but do not remove them until first broken the joint

    - Remove nuts and dogs and take out the door.

    - The bottom door can be removed after warning personnel to keep clear of the top door.

    - Make ventilation before entering. Do not allow naked light near the boiler.

    - Preliminary internal inspection carried out before cleaning, to check scale deposits and any specialpoints.

    - Plug orifice to blow down valve to prevent choke, place guards over the manholes landings toprevent damage.

    - Carry out cleaning and internal works.

    - When all works completed, a full internal examination must be carried out

    - Cleanliness, all openings are clear, water level gauge connection clears from deposits,

    - All internal pipes and fittings have been replaced correctly and securely attached,

    - Remove plug from the blow down valve orifice,

    - The face of manhole doors and landings inspect to clean and undamaged).

    - Replace manhole doors by using new joints.

    - Operate all boiler mountings. Open air vent cock and fill the boiler with water to sufficient level.
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