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Purpose of Boiler water test ?

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  • Purpose of Boiler water test ?

    Purpose of Boiler water test ?

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    1) Alkalinity test: This is to ensure that the boiler water prevent corrosion by neutralization of acidic gases

    (a) Phenolphthalein ( p ) alkalinity:
    • This test is carried out to prevent acidic corrosion
    • To test for presence of all of the hydroxide, one half of the carbonate and one
      third of phosphate present in a water sample.

    (b) Total ( T ) alkalinity test: To determine the amount all of hydroxide, all of the carbonate, and two thirds of the phosphates

    Note: Hydroxides and carbonates can co-exist together in a solution but hydroxides and bi-carbonates cannot.

    2) Chloride test

    - To know the amount of salt in boiler water.
    - To minimize chloride level and to adjust the blow down.

    3) Condensate PH test

    - To control condensate PH value within a limit.
    - To minimize corrosion in steam and condensate system.

    4) Amerzine test ( Hydrazine test )

    - To test for dissolved Oxygen content
    - To know reserve hydrazine (N2H4) ppm and to prevent corrosion and aeration.
    - To minimize oxygen pitting and corrosion in boiler, steam and condensate system.

    5) Phosphate test

    - To control the scale formation due to hardness (presence of Phosphate in sample means no hardness salts)
    - A reserve of phosphate should be maintained in the boiler water ready to neutralize any hardness salts which may enter.

    6) Conductivity test
    • Measure of the total amount of dissolved solids (T.D.S) including the treatment chemicals. (Excessive density leads to priming and or deposits)
    • To remove dissolved and suspended solid by blowing down. Hardness test

    7) Hardness
    • To check for salt causing “hardness”
    • Hardness test of boiler water are not necessary when the phosphate is above the lower limit of the control range


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      Deepak, has perfectly mentioned it: you can test the Boiler water with below procedures:
      • Alkalinity test [Phenolphthalein ( p) alkalinity test, Total ( T ) alkalinity test (2 x P)]
      • Chloride test.
      • Condensate PH test.
      • Amerzine test ( Hydrazine test )
      • Excess phosphate test.
      • Conductivity test (Total dissolve solids test)
      • Hardness test.