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With respect to EEDI explain in detail A.Required EEDI; B. Attained EEDI?

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  • With respect to EEDI explain in detail A.Required EEDI; B. Attained EEDI?

    With respect to EEDI explain in detail A.Required EEDI; B. Attained EEDI?

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    • The Required EEDI is the maximum allowable value of the attained EEDI permissible for a specific ship type and size.

    • The Required EEDI represents a minimum energy efficiency requirement for new ships depending on ship type and size.

    • This begins with a baseline in 2013 and is raised successively in three steps until 2025. The baseline for required EEDI is calculated from the EEDI of vessels built after the millennium.

    • The EEDI assesses the energy consumption of the vessel at the normal seafaring condition, taking into account the energy required for propulsion and the hotel load for the crew.

    • Energy consumed to maintain the cargo and for the manoeuvring or ballasting is not considered.

    • The Required EEDI is calculated for all ship types using 100% of the dead weight in summer draft, except for passenger ships where GT is used.

    • According to MARPOL Annex 6 chapter 4 regulation 21

    Required EEDI = (1-x/100) * Reference line value (where X is the reduction factor)

    • The reference value is defined by a line which is mathematically defined as

    Reference Line Value = a * b – c

    • The Required EEDI will be reduced by 'X' % every five years based on initial value (Phase 0) and depending on vessel size.

    • Below a certain size, no reduction applies. Above a certain size, reduction is in general 10% for each reduction phase. In between of these sizes, the reduction is linearly interpolated.


    • It means the EEDI value achieved by any individual ship.

    • The attained EEDI is the actual calculated and verified EEDI value for an individual ship based on the data in the EEDI technical file.

    • It shall be calculated for all ships of 400 GT and above. The attained EEDi must be below the 'Required EEDI' limit prescribed in MARPOL
    CO2 emission
    EEDI= --------------------
    Transport Work

    • CO2 emission is computed from the fuel consumption taking into account the carbon content of the fuel. The fuel consumption is based on the power used for propulsion and auxiliary power measured at defined design condition.

    • The transport work is estimated by the designated ship capacity multiplied by the ship's speed measured at maximum summer load draft and 75% of rated installed power. The total propulsion power is also defined as 75% MCR of all main engines.

    1. The attained ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is a measure of ships energy efficiency in (g/t*nm).

    2. The EEDI provides a specific figure for an individual ship design expressed in grams of CO2 per ship’s capacity mile, and a smaller EEDI value indicates a more Energy efficient ship.

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