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write short notes on Power Turbine Generators

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  • write short notes on Power Turbine Generators

    write short notes on Power Turbine Generators

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    The extremely slow steaming of ships has become the mainstream on the back of the recent energy-saving trend. Turbochargers

    (superchargers) for marine diesel engines are driven only by exhaust gas energy.

    Thus the industry has developed different turbo Systems for a large turbocharger for marine diesel engines and verified high energy saving

    advantages in the low-load operating range of the engine.

    a). Power Turbine Generators:

    - It consists of an exhaust gas turbine installed in the exhaust gas bypass line on ME and a generator that converts power from turbine rotor

    shaft into electricity onboard a ship.

    - The increasing efficiency of Modern turbos means that there is a portion of unused exhaust gas energy available. The turbo-compound

    system power turbine & generator (TCS-PTG) makes use of that excess exhaust gas energy.

    - The power turbine is inserted into the exhaust gas system parallel to the Turbocharger. Here it drives an electric generator via a reduction

    gearbox from the main engine power

    - The TC performance and main engine output are not affected by the use pf PTG which can extract up to 5% of additional power from the ME

    Exh Gas.

    - Typically be larger as the power turbine unit typical is arranged several meters away from the ME in the E/R.

    - The power turbine, its reduction gear and generator are placed on a common bedplate.

    - The engine exhaust gas bypass valve will be closed at engine power lower than 40% MCR and the power turbine generator will be shut


    - Control v/v’s and fast-acting emergency valves for emergency shutdowns are installed in the exhaust system to ensure reliable, safe


    - Payback period is as short as 2-3 years

    - this system leads to less funning hours of the DG hence saving in maintenance costs and reductions in emissions
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      connector module is on rear of panel - so you cannot really glue them down (Renogy connector is on face of panel)