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Explain Boiler Open-up Procedure ?

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  • Explain Boiler Open-up Procedure ?

    Explain Boiler Open-up Procedure ?

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    » Stop firing and cool down.

    » All steam valves tight shut.

    » Blow down until empty. (Ship-side Cock opened first, then gradually open Blow-down Valve. When loud noise dies down

    and blow-down pipe becomes cold, boiler is about empty. Blow-down Valve shut and then shut Ship-side Cock.]

    » Easing Gear lifted.

    » Open Air Vent Cock, Salinometer Cock and Drain Cock of water Gauge Glass, to let air enter.

    » Ensure no vacuum and only atmospheric pressure inside, before knocking in the manholes.

    » Slacken dog-holding nut of Top Manhole door, break the joint, from the place safe from blast as a safeguard against scalding, and then nut removed and door taken out.

    » When knocking in the Bottom Manhole door, use crowbar and stand back when breaking the joint, as there may be hot water left.

    » Mud holes and all other doors open-up for cleaning, both smoke side and waterside.

    » Allow the boiler to be ventilated before entry.