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How to set Accumulation of Pressure ?

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  • How to set Accumulation of Pressure ?

    How to set Accumulation of Pressure ?

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    1. Pressure is liable to rise after Safety Valves have lifted, caused by increased spring load due to increased compression.

    2. This rise in pressure is known as “Accumulation of Pressure”. [OR]

    3. Pressure rise in excess of Working Pressure is termed, “Accumulation of Pressure”.

    4. Accumulation of pressure test is carried out to see whether this safely valve is suitable or not for this boiler. Pressure rise

    after safety valves have lifted, must not exceed 10% of working pressure 15 min for tank type boiler and 7 min: for water

    tube boiler.

    5. Tested when safety valves are new or boiler is new or safety valves and boiler are new ones.