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the use of LPG as fuel to propel a vessel

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  • the use of LPG as fuel to propel a vessel

    please i need assistance on my school project: the use of LPG as fuel to propel a vessel

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    Check the attachment. It will be very helpful for your project.
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    • Ivan
      Ivan commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi, could you maybe privide some materials concerning my post below?

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    Kind regards, I am a senior student of Maritime faculty of Rijeka Croatia,we exchanged contacts at our visit to Wartsila factory at begining of April, I am in a middle of writing my final thesis and my field of study is "Usage of liquefied natural gas as a fuel on two stroke slow speed engines".
    Till now I processed whole IGF code concerning ships using low flashpoint fuels (Annex 2), and now I came up on a little problem, I can not find any practical materials which are showing real data of pressure and temperature in fuel storage tanks or quality schematic outline of a system.Since I came across on your company name many times in this research I would like to ask you is it maybe possible to ask for your help concerning this little problem I have?
    I will wait for your feedback, hoping it will be positive one.

    Sincerely yours!

    Ivan Balać