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    Good day, I am a junior engineer and i want to ask what are the different type of alarms I should be aware of during my watchkeeping in engine room. And also during an alarm there are instances that you should not Shutdown or do something in a Machinery/equipment to prevent more damages. Can you please give me example of this? Thanks in Advance.

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    Usually in the engine room, the alarm tone for any machinery abnormality is a common siren. However, in control room the panel may give distinctive sound for any electronic or other issues which can be different than the engine room alarm. The CO2 alarm and fire alarm will have a different setup as per the SOLAS requirement. You can check the alarm sound here-


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      Thanks for your Answer, Anish. I know different "siren sounds" and what they mean. But Im actually asking for an Alarm that might occur in Engine room. Alarms that may come and what should i do. My panel interviewer ask me things like this and cant answer.
      Example was, Why you should not Shutdown Main Engine if you have High Temperature Jacket Water alarm.?


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        From what I know, all together there are 9 types of emergency alarms on ships: (1) general alarms, (2) fire alarms, (3) man overboard alarms, (4)abandon ship alarm, (5) navigation alarm, (6) machinery space alarm, (7) cargo space CO2 alarm, (8) machinery space CO2 alarm and (9) ship security security alarm system. All of these alarms will give audio and visual warnings onboard the ship.