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    Good Morning,Sir
    Please share the particular properties in product specification of Residual Marine Fuel as per ISO 8217.
    What I want to know is in use of Marine fuel,the meaning of A~Z at abbreviations word such as RMG,RMK,DFA,DMZ,etc.I know the terms of first two letter and only remain is the last term,Sir

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    DX is a fuel, which is suitable for use at ambient temperatures down to –16oC without heating the fuel. In merchant marine applications, its use is restricted to lifeboat engines and certain emergency equipment due to reduced flash point.
    DA is a high quality distillate, generally referred to as MGO (Marine Gas Oil).
    DB is a general purpose fuel, which may contain trace amounts of residual fuel. It is generally referred to as distillate MDO (Marine Diesel Oil).
    DC is a fuel, which can contain a significant proportion of residual component. Consequently, it is not suitable for installations where engine or fuel treatment plant is not designed for the use of residual fuels. It is generally referred to as blended MDO.
    Residual grades:
    A 30 is available for operation at low ambient temperature in installations without storage tank heating, as the maximum pour point temperature is zero. B 30 may require some storage tank heating, as the fuel may not flow at temperatures below +24 oC. Of these two grades, A 30 has a lower maximum density limit and a minimum viscosity limit to increase the probability of good ignition properties.
    D 80 up to H 700 are fuel blends that require treatment before use by a conventional purifier-clarifier centrifuge (separator) system, in order to reduce the content of contaminants to an acceptable level. Generally for engine operation the highest viscosity (taking into account the maximum pre-heat temperature allowed by the engine design) should be used, except when other parameters take precedence over viscosity in selecting the fuel grade.
    K 380 and K 700 are only for use in installations with centrifuges (separators) specially designed for higher density fuels (above 991 kg/m3).
    Reference;CIMAC recommendation No.21


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      Still remaining some issue such as DMZ


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        Pho Si DMA and DMZ are the highest quality distillate normally supplied for marine use, delivered in dedicated pipelines or barges.
        Do check this link for specifications -


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          ISO 2010. INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO. 8217. Fourth edition ... Produits pétroliers — Combustibles (classe F) — Spécifications des ... electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without ... to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent.

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