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how to design contracted and tip loaded (CLT) propeller?

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  • how to design contracted and tip loaded (CLT) propeller?

    hello my friends.
    I study marine hydrodynamic and my master of science thesis is about "Hydrodynamic Analysis of Contracted and Loaded Tip Propellers by Panel Method".

    at first i need to design contracted and loaded tip (CLT) propellers. Main geometrical characteristics of CLT propellers consist in a usually monotonic increase of pitch from blade root to tip, a finite chord at tip, moderate values of skew and an endplate at the outermost radial edge of the blade toward the pressure side (face side).

    CLT propellers are characterized by the following:
    · The tip chord is finite.
    · An end plate is fitted at the blade tip, located on the pressure side.
    · The blade tip bears a substantial load.
    · The pitch increases from the root to the tip of the blades.
    · Low to moderate skew.

    I don't know how to design CLT propellers. I know how to design conventional propellers but CLT propellers have different characteristics, and the shape and position of endplate is very important to reach better efficiency and prevent of cavitation risk. can anybody help me how to design CLT propellers and render it in any CAD program?