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Marine Surveyor wants to study Naval Architecture.

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  • Marine Surveyor wants to study Naval Architecture.

    Hey Guys, I am a graduate Mechanical engineer (B.E.,) and a Marine Hull Insurance Surveyor since 1989 (29 Years). The recent Insurance Amendment Act of 2015 made certain changes in requisite qualifications to the Marine hull Surveyor and now one needs to be a Marine Engineer or a Naval Architect to hold the license. As I am 54 years old now, no Marine Engineering college in India is admitting for 1 Year GME course as the age limit for the course is 28 years.

    Is there anyway, I can attend the 1 year GME course and complete either my Naval Architect or Marine Engineer course so that I can continue renewing my license and continue in my profession of last 29 years? Without the requisite new qualifications, I will be hard pressed to abandon the only profession I have been doing all my life, jeopardizing my and my family's future.

    Any advise / suggestions / recommendation is highly appreciated.