I have a purifier Alfa Laval of Lub. Oil on ship that I work. I'm having some problems when the purifier is running, The lub. oil of ME is disappearing from ME Crank Case, probably it discharges (break the water seal) and back to work, idk...
No Alarm of BackPressure, it was tested the sensor and it is okay. When I check the Sludge Discharge when running, it's normal, without oil in discharge sludge line, I've opened the purifier several times and replaced o-rings, checked the clearances of the pieces, its okay, the bearings were changed, the new belt was replaced, checked the gravity disc, checked the torques, the last were the rubbers dampers due the vibration, in the same line are 4 purifier running, side by side.
In resume, no Alarms, no presence of oil in sludge discharge when running.

*Sludge Tank is increased when running
** It used Lub Oil (Mobil ADL 40)

Thanks for your time.