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Rpm can not increace to critical man b&w 6l35mc

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  • Rpm can not increace to critical man b&w 6l35mc

    I have a problem with this machine , type Man b & w 6l35 mc , at the start of the engine,Machines can increace to 100 , but when I add the engine rpm to the critical,The machine can not increse to critical rpm, And I have checked the injecktor and plunger no problem But scavenge no 1,3,4, the temperature is up to 80 and there is thick black mud,Please a solution that makes me confused,I have read the manual book but I did not find any problems like this, I have also checked the camshaft and crankshaft all at the position that has been measured nothing has changed,please help to solve this problem.

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    It indicates serious blow past in unit 1,3 and 4. You need to inspect the piston rings (through scavenge trunk) and I think you need to replace the rings at the earliest to avoid risk of scavenge fire


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      Thank you for the help. Never knew of this solution until now.
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