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Auxiliary/Main engine big end bearing clearance

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  • Auxiliary/Main engine big end bearing clearance

    Hi,i have a doubt which i hope you could clear!

    In an auxiliary/main engine is it possible to take the bottom end bearing (not the main bearing) clearances when inspecting the crankcase. If yes,then what is the procedure,what tool do we use etc? Please help. Preferably on MAN B&W

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    Roshan Noronha Yes. Using telescopic/ tongue feeler gauge or using lead wire (which requires the opening of nuts and tightening to check the compression on the lead wire).


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      yes....Bring the piston of the concerned unit to BDC.Put the feeler gauge on the bottom of bottom end bearing.We generally take clearance at 1). Centre of bottom position. 2)clearance between crankpin and bearing near mid position. 3)measure clearance between bottom end bearing and crankweb.It should be greater than thrust bearing clearance.(For main engine).

      Or by lead wire.....