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Marine engine advanced shaft alignment

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  • Marine engine advanced shaft alignment

    The AidAnt universal adjustable chock are mounted underneath piston engines, e-motors, pumps, auxiliaries, shaft bearings and many more applications where rotating equipment is involved and mounting needs to be done.
    This solution has proven to significantly reduce the costs of initial installation and realignment during the life time of a component, compared to the use of steel liners, grouts and shimming.

    The advantages are the absence of curing time, as with epoxy resin or grout chocks, it eliminates the trial and error alignment process characteristic for the “mill and shim” method and provides adjustability during the life cycle of the machinery. Due to these advantages it is used in many different industries like Marine, Offshore, Oil and Gas and has the approval from many global and local OEM's.

    The AidAnt universal adjustable chock features and benefits:
    - Soft Foot correction (eliminates component deformation)
    - self-explanatory product
    - no special installation skills required
    - re-adjustable
    - eliminate on-site machining
    - eliminate curing time (as is the case with grouting /epoxies)
    - re-usable
    - self levelling
    - circular adjustment holes (easy adjustment)

    Please view some interesting movies on website or youtube: AidAnt chock
    Attached you will find a general brochure on those products.