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    Hello fellow engineers... I want some answers to the following OOW questions:

    1. State with reasons where the trouble might be if the performance of the centrifugal pump falls off even if the following conditions have been checked

    a) All bilges valves except one in use is shut tight
    b) All strainers are clear
    c) The pump runs at normal speed

    2. a) Two emergency valves are fitted in a boiler fuel oil system, what are the locations?
    b) List the safety fittings in a boiler fuel oil system

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    kingzola Hi
    Definitely one of the valves (which is shut tight) is leaking.
    Another reason could be
    - pinhole or crack in the suction pipe of the bilge well... from which the pump is taking suction
    - Concerned bilge well valve is stuck or clogging in the suction pipe (I had experience similar situation and found rags stuck inside suction pipe)


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      Thanks so much and pls can i haveur WhatsApp number?
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        centrifugal pump performance usually drips if the wear ring is worn out and clearence is increased..if valves are good and there is no leak in suction lines