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Vacuum Toilet Watchkeeoing?

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  • Vacuum Toilet Watchkeeoing?

    What Points to check while monitoring the Vacuum toilet in normal condition?

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    Hi! abhishek : Check that the water valve provides the rinse water to the bowl at the same time as the discharge valve extracts the bowl contents when the push button is pressed.

    Checkthatthepushbuttonreturnstoit ́snon-activatedstate.


    valve time delay is correctly adjusted, there should be a pool of water at the bottom of the bowl.



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      These are the steps you have to follow
      • Start a vacuum-leak smoking expedition by plugging up any obvious potential ports in the intake manifold, starting with the inlet to the throttle body from the air cleaner.
      • Connect the smoke machine's nozzle to the manifold. One good place is the large-diameter vacuum line to the brake booster.
      • A quick way to seal the inlet is to wrap the air cleaner in clingy food wrap, although this method is not as good as plugging up the circular rubber duct somewhere closer to the throttle body
      • Hit the smoke button and give the smoke a couple of minutes to saturate the intake tract. Smoke coming out of the oil-fill port like this might be indicative of a bad crankcase vent system, depending on the vehicle. Check the manual to see if the PCV valve is a check valve or some other method for metering manifold vacuum into the crankcase.
      • A leaky manifold gasket or a cracked header can also leak air into the exhaust system, fooling the oxygen sensors. A quick test is to fill the exhaust with smoke. Surprisingly, a leak can admit a fair amount of air without making noticeable exhaust noise.