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CHecks on Shaft Earthing System

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  • CHecks on Shaft Earthing System

    What are the important checks to be carried out on shaft earthing system as an EOW?

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    Hello! amit : It is recommended that the following checks are carried out:

    a) Electrical Continuity between Shaft & Hull earth point <=1.0 ohms.

    b) Clean and degrease slipring track.

    c) Slipring free from indentations.

    d) Clean and check brushes for wear and check freedom of movement in holders.

    Also the silver graphite brushes are a consumable item, and depending on the rpm of the shaft, shaft diameter and the running hours, the brushes will wear and require replacing on average at 6 monthly intervals. Ensure that the brushes are regularly inspected and replaced before they are totally consumed, otherwise the shaft earthing assembly will not operate correctly.