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Does shock load exists during VIT pump early injcetion.

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  • Does shock load exists during VIT pump early injcetion.

    Dear all ,

    Every fuel injector for any given engine has its timing/period of operation .
    If alter it will cause pre/post ignition.
    while advancing will result in max peak pressure , high thermal efficiency but heavy shock loads on engine gears and so on.
    Same thing we r doing with VIT engine of early ignition , why shock load during this is not considered of if yes how they can be minimised.

    kindly let me know the ans , will be thankful ful this..
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    Kunwar Let's think the other way round.
    Let's suppose a marine engine is operating at low load and speed (NO VIT involved) for a long period. The residual heat in the combustion chamber will decrease causing a lower air temperature. This will result in increased ignition delay and knocking or rough operation. If run for a long in the same condition, the engine part will be damaged by shock loading. To counter this scenario, VIT is used which will advance the start of injection, allowing for the longer delay but maintaining ignition timing and peak pressure.