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REASON for DG high exhaust gas temperature to all cylindersr

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  • REASON for DG high exhaust gas temperature to all cylindersr

    I made overhauling of all DG cylinders ( heads, valves, seats, nozzles, fuel pumps ) and air cooler chemically cleaned. The problem is that after starting of DG was established high exhaust gas temperature to all cylinders with 50 degrees higher than the normal. Already I checked and dismounted everything a few times, and still we can not find the problem.
    I am in the end of my forces, PLEASE GIVE SOME ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There are many different versions/makers of engine out in Marine field. Coming back to your concern. Is the injection pressure checked at injector? has the fuel pump cut of been checked? Is your engine having a heat recovery system/any back pressure on exhaust? How good is turbocharger? is this occurring only now after overhaul? Is the tappet set accordingly?.... if all this is already covered up, contact the maker/authorized service center with your parameters (before and after overhaul done, what scope was carried out at overhaul details). That way will be better and will prevent any further problems with engine.

    Kind regards