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Purifier leakage- can't run on back press

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  • Purifier leakage- can't run on back press

    We have a Mitsubishi SJ40F purifier onboard which was running and suddenly started overflowing . All attempts to rectify the problem has proved futile . Tank temp, flow rate, back press , gravity disc size checked and it cannot be run .it can only be run on zero back pressure , once you start increasing the back pressure it starts leaking from the heavy liquid outlet (water outlet pipe ) . I have checked and adjust shaft height, change o rings for upper and lower hood , change impeller o rings but still can't run normal .

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    3 possible causes:
    1. Poor fuel quality can be a cause.
    Did this start happening a while after you changed your bunker tanks?
    Drain (as much as possible) of fuel in service and settlers, take fresh fuel from a previous bunker.
    2. Solenoid water valves are sluggish or choked / water pipes are choked
    3. Water header tank for purifiers is dirty.
    Let us know how you fare.