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REVERSING OF marine ME-series Engines

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  • REVERSING OF marine ME-series Engines

    can anybody tell me how reversing takes place in ME-series engines , For example like 6S80ME series engines in MAN B&W. Thanks In Advance..

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    The air start system is similar to that on a conventional engine except there is no need for a mechanically driven distributor to open the air start valves at the correct time.

    Instead of a camshaft driven, reversing air start distributor, each air start valve is opened at the correct time by the engine computers sending a signal to a solenoid controlled nc (normally closed) valve.

    The timing of the air start valves will vary depending on the number of cylinders, but they will be open for a long enough period to allow overlap, so that a valve opens before the previous valve closes, allowing starting from any position of rest. The nominal opening can be considered as 0° (ie TDC) and closing at 110° ATDC.

    The computer knows when to send the signal because it is receiving information as to the crankshaft position from the angle encoders which measure crankshaft position and RPM.

    When the engine has reached firing speed the computers shut off the air and introduce the fuel.