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Asking for advice for my furure education.

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  • Asking for advice for my furure education.

    Hi sir! I'm Maung Shine from Myanmar. I've got a Diploma in maritime technology. For sure, I'll go onboard and try to be a marine engineer. After several years as a marine engineer, I want to continue my education. So Could you please advise me how and where I can advance my education and which courses and degrees I can take to be able to work on shore.

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    It will depend on which stream you want to go ahead in your career. Do read the following articles:

    You first need to decide in what line of work you want to shift to shore job. Their are plenty of institutes providing advance studies for seafarers. Online course providers are also a good choice for seafarers who are always on the move.

    Best of luck for your career


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      Thanks a lot sir.


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        Hi, I am now working as a 3rd Engineer on a chemical tanker and I would like to go for my CoC Class 2 in UK in the year of 2017. If there is anyone out there who is holding British CoC, please kindly share your experience with us and I would be very happy to hear from you. If you don't mind, kindly provide us with the step by step procedure to CoC Class 2 Oral at MCA. It would be very helpful for us if you kindly answer the questions below?

        1. Which maritime institutes in UK offer courses for CoC Class2 (Marine Engineering)?
        2. How much is the course fees?
        3. How long is the course duration?
        4. How much money is required for accommodation, food and other expenses approximately each month? (Course fees not included)
        5. How much sea time is required to sit for CoC Class 2?

        Thank you very much


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          I am recently graduate from Superior University which is in Pakistan. It's good university and very reasonable with fee structure as from backward areas students are coming also and they are facilitating to all students.