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high discharge pressure in 1st stage compressor

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  • high discharge pressure in 1st stage compressor

    hi to all.
    What are the cause of an air compressor which has high discharge pressure on first stage but normal on the second stage.?
    If anyone has an idea. please do comment and share your knowledge. Thank you so much

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    @Mykhym: Following are the prominent reasons for high discharge pressure of 1st stage:
    • Pressure gauge is faulty.
    • Inter-cooler air passage is chocked.
    • Second stage suction valve is not closing properly, allowing air to escape from 2nd to 1st stage.
    • Discharge valve of first stage is malfunctioning, and remains in closed position.
    • Spring of discharge valve is malfunctioning.


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      When thinking of problems regarding fluid flow, always remember that pressure is created when there is a resistance to the flow. No resistance means no pressure. A high discharge pressure on your first stage means that there is excessive resistance in your first stage discharge valve. It could be choked with dirt or it could have been assembled incorrectly. Something useful to remember also is that the discharge pressure of an air compressor is determined by the air pressure in the air reservoir.