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PLEASE . I Need Help from the experts !

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  • PLEASE . I Need Help from the experts !

    im a marine engineering student.. i just want to ask what is the ship main engine running hours report means? how does it made ? who shall make this report ? to whom this report shall be given ? and an example of this report will be a big help to me and any related information will help .. thank you

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    @ Jerol:

    - It means how much the main engine has run which includes sea going hours and maneuvering timings.

    - ME running counter is provided in the control panel along with all the watch keepers logging the time of ME running in the log book. Generally, half of the maneuvering time is considered. For eg. Ship started maneuvering @ 1000 hrs and stopped @ 1400 hrs...then running hour for this maneuvering will be 4 hrs/ 2= 2hrs.

    - Chief Engineer requires this report for every day fuel calculation and month end paper work for routine maintenance of the engine


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      thank you