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Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

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  • Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

    Hello sir.

    I have gone through your marine insight website. I wish to join the merchant navy as ETO as I have completed my Electronics and Communication Engineering. And I am joining the 4 months course in Eurotech, Cochin, Kerala. But I couldn't find more articles on any website than in yours. And I thank you for that. But Could you please tell me more about the ETO than in your website..? My questions are as listed bellow.

    1) What is the pay scale of ETO from starting to the end.
    2) How is ETO differ from Electrical Engineer.
    3) How is the rank position of ETO like compared to 4th, 3rd,2nd mates and as cadets and deck officers to captain.
    4) Can ETO become chief Engineer by any means?
    5) What are the supporting books that I can go through for ETO before joining? (I am going through Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge by Dennis T Hall. But I am not able to get any books that refers electronics, automation or communication side of the job)

    Please Help me.

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    @ Deepak: Answers to your Questions:
    1. You will be joining as Trainee ETO with salary ranging from 400-900 USD depending upon the company and type of ship. After Promotion and passing the exams , you will become ETO with a valid COC. The salary range will be- 3000- 5000 USD again depending on company and ship type
    2. In ship, Electrical engineers are call Electro Technical officers. No difference.
    3. ETO is a neutral position and does not belongs to any one department. ETO has to perform job on deck as well as engine room. The hierarchy of ETO is between 3rd engineer/ 2nd officer and 2nd engineer/ chief officer. ETO will be reporting to chief engineer.
    4. You can Reefer - The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible By John C Payne and ship automation for ETO's -


    • Deepak_sreevalsam
      Deepak_sreevalsam commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you very much sir.
      Is there any way of becoming chief engineer for ETO ?

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    @ Deepak:
    On ship, their is no such position as Chief Engineer for ETO.
    Electro Technical Officer is the highest post for an electrical engineer on vessel.


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      Sir, I completed my eto course and is about to join in ship. After my first sail is it possible to switch my job to deck officer.


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        @ Jenifer: No. .

        You need to go through qualifications required for deck cadet and start fresh for deck side