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MSC pay policy and can crew leave cargo ship?

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  • MSC pay policy and can crew leave cargo ship?

    I am desperate. My family member has sent bitcoin to a man claiming to be on MSC Oscar Cargo ship. He told her that his contract is up in February and he will get his pay then. Is that how it works? Now, some time between Oct 7-14 he claims he left ship to come back to America. How can I find out if anyone left the ship to come to America? Please help or refer me to anyone who can. I’ve written to MSC and FTC as well.

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    While most are being paid and some are getting additional compensation, they are taking care of their responsibilities without the normal breaks, frequently 12 hours every day and seven days per MS-100 Questions per week.

    Since March, numerous ports are declining to permit team changes or shore leave, which means for some that a three-month contract turns out to be twice as long.

    Most team individuals state they've had contracts reached out previously, when ailment or awful climate defers their help group. Be that as it may, sailors with long recollections state a circumstance like this, forever, is extraordinary.

    "We are totally stood over here and we don't have the foggiest idea what to do," says an official on a big hauler vessel.

    "Everyone's holding up with respect to what your nation of origin will do. Just when the nation of origin is prepared to acknowledge their own residents, we can return home."


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      The same issue as of now, did you get any update on this?


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        it seems to be a good idea to contact the shipping company for further details of the crew member disembarkation port. However, the company may not give you the details you like due to GDRP rules.

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