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Diesel Engine Filter System

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  • Diesel Engine Filter System

    Hi all!

    I am currently doing a research project and lack technical expertise. Hence I am on this forum hoping to seek help from all of your insights!
    I am interested in understanding the filter system of a diesel engine for those larger ships (e.g cargo ships).

    1) For these filter system, i understand there is a change out typically after 6 months. However, may i understand are there any routine maintenance? From what I found so far, theres a 250 h cleaning schedule and am curious to know if there is any daily or additional monitoring/maintenance operation to maintain these filter system?

    2) For the 250h cleaning of filter, does it apply for those with auto clean features? If not, what are the maintenance on the auto clean filter system?

    3) In addition, do these filter system typically comes with the ship engine or are they installed separately?

    4) What are the typical filter brand/product used on those larger cargo or cruise ships?

    These questions may sound dumb but I'm seriously new to this field and lack the on the ground experiences which are highly valuable! Any insights are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!