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Requesting guidance on marine engine fuel consumption

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  • Requesting guidance on marine engine fuel consumption

    I'm trying to formulate an estimate of the amount of MGO utilized by a vessel traveling a set distance and speed, and am looking for some guidance from engineers on this issue. (I'm not an engineer.)

    Here are the parameters:

    Vessel: CMA CGM Melisande
    Engine: 12K98MC
    Travel distance = 1 mile West
    Constant speed = 10 knots
    Water is brackish
    76 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature
    72 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature
    SE wind 5mph or less
    DWT = 101387
    GT = 91498
    NT = 55432
    Carrying 60% of maximum cargo load: 33259 NT

    Engine specs:

    I have this general formula to calculate fuel consumption, what other factors are needed to hone it in?

    kW power rating of the engine multiplied by specific fuel consumption in kg/kW.Hr = kg/Hr of fuel used

    Thanks for any info you can provide.