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Introduction - Exploring the Marine World

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  • Introduction - Exploring the Marine World


    I wanted to introduce myself, I am Richard_S19, and I am a Design Research Lead working in the world of shipping at a global energy company.

    My job, as a researcher, involves exploring the world of shipping to understand the roles, processes and challenges (amongst other things) in the shipping industry globally. I am passionate about research - particularly when it comes to speaking to people, finding out how they work and overall helping make their lives better.

    I am joining this forum to learn about various aspects of the marine industry, specifically related to shipping, this will help my understand the challenges and pain points that could potentially be addressed.

    I am keen on connecting with various stakeholders in the industry, particularly on an operational level - this includes roles that relate to: Charterers, Ship Managers, Agents, Ship Owners, Barge operators, Ports and Brokers. If you are keen on engaging through an initial conversation please get in touch, I'd love to speak to you, and would be keen on sharing what we are working on to explore potential partnerships.


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