Hey everyone!

I'm not entirely sure where should I create this topic so, if necessary, please move it elsewhere. I'm currently studying bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management and I've been recently wondering, how can I find more information about marine architecture as in BUILDINGS architecture. I've been really trying to find anything and it seems like there's very few individuals who are actually engaging in these both fields: traditional architecture + water.

So my question is, does a programme like this exist in the world? Or maybe in order to build in/on water there have to be different specialists working together and finding these solutions? So far I found one studio working like that, based in Netherlands but nothing else. It seems like it's not common but I'd really like to get into it as urban development on water seems to be a part of the sustainable future of architecture. I couldn't find a better place to write this, so yeah. And also, building underwater is probably a very engineery task, so to say, considering so many external factors affecting the structures.

Any comments, opinions on that are welcome