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Working principle of steam heater

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  • Working principle of steam heater

    Can u explain the workingvprinciple of steam heater?

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    raknish Please check this article -


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      The working principle of a steam boiler is easy. The boiler is in a closed device where water is stored. Liquids are stored in the boiler to generate steam by burning fuel or applying the heat energy at different conditions of pressure. Then, the hot gasses come in contact with water vessel where the heat of these hot gases transfer to the water, thus steam is produced in the boiler. The steam will flow into various industries like plants through pipes.


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        Originally posted by raknish View Post
        Can u explain the workingvprinciple of steam heater?
        Your question is not specific enough.
        If you are referring to the generation of saturated steam it is quite simple, and one of two ways.

        1 Treated fresh water is boiled in a pressure vessel. The pressure determines the steam temperature. Tje water is boiled by gas, fuel oil or diesel.

        2 By using a steam generator which uses a coil of pipe say 2 inches diameter with a burner in the centre. Water enters one and and steam at the other. It too is pressurized to determine temperature. From memory many years ago, 150 psi pressure gives a stream temperature of 180 Celsius.
        The feed pump providing the water must be capable of exceeding the steam pressure.

        The other possibility of your question is that of heating saturated steam to superheated steam.
        This is more complicated. Superheated steam can do a lot more work and in simple terms puts the saturated steam into the flu gasses to heat it further.


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          This heater is one type of closed device in the shape of a cylindrical. The capacity of the heater to have steam, as well as water is sufficient.

          Generally, the liquids are stored in the heater for generating steam by burning the fuels or applying the heat energy at different conditions of pressure based on the size of the vessel as well as specifications. Finally, the steam in the heater supplies using a pipe and flows into various industries like plants.