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Institute to prefer, obesity and smoking.

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  • Institute to prefer, obesity and smoking.

    I am in class 12 and will appear for IMU CET IN 2018. I have quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana and there is 1 year for exam.
    It wont be a problem right?
    The only problem is that i am obese type 3, height is 180cm and weight is 130Kg! After my 12th boards i will go intensive weight loss program. But if i didnt lose mich weight, then?
    And last, i live in Greater Noida, International Maritime Institute is in my neighbour. Is it a good enough college or should i try for IMUs. I have heard that in IMUs sponsorship is a problem so i will prefer private institute like i said IMI. Secondly if I didnt get sponsorship in private institute also then will i remain unemployed after graduation?
    Only one last thing, i want to be an engineer but ome do not get promoted to Captain from Engineering Department, do they? Which one should i opt for BSc or B. Tech? Regarding income, and career stability.
    What about agencies like ALPHA9?

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    Lal Vedant Nath Shah Deo During medical examination your BMI will be checked hence you need to be in a good proportion. It won't be much of a problem is you are not exactly meeting the criteria as during the training period it can be achieved. Too much overweight can be a cause of rejection in medical examination.

    Check difference between Engineer and navigation officer -​
    You can become Chief Engineer, Not captain.

    For income-​

    The job market is currently in a very poor condition.

    Alpha9 is a 3rd party. Advice to approach a reputed college directly or through IMUCET.