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New Turtle Fin Design!!!!!

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  • New Turtle Fin Design!!!!!

    Do you think your boat is too loud? Well, that is what dolphins and other echolocative animals think too. Loud boat engines and propellers are affecting dolphins in many negative ways such as decompression sickness and them getting beached. Team TigerTech from Georgia has come up with a solution! While working on the First Lego League challenge this year, Animal Allies, Team TigerTech saw that dolphins couldn't use their echolocation and they couldn't communicate because of loud boats. Team TigerTech's new revolutionary design eliminates that problem. Team TigerTech's innovative design is to take out the noisy motor and propeller and have a drive system with fins on the side. The fins are shaped like sea turtle fins. The fins move back and then at an angled direction forward. This design provides more thrust and less noise. There would three oars on each side which would run on a quiet drive train. We hoped our design helps you in your future endeavors.