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List Precaution before operating breathing air compressor

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  • List Precaution before operating breathing air compressor

    I will be joining as a 3rd officer for 1st time. I know the operation of BA compressor. Please someone tell me what precautions need to be taken while operating BA compressor?

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    Hello! bikram : Few important precautions while operating BA compressor: Ensure the intake air is free from noxious gas, exhaust fumes and solvent vapors. On units employing a gasoline engine it is most important to use an intake hose for this purpose. It is also recommended that the intake hose be used with units driven by electric motor.
    Never open fill valves or shut off valves when under pressure and the hose is not connected as discharging high pressure compressed air can cause serious accidents.
    Fill hoses must be in satisfactory condition and the threads must be undamaged. Pay particular attention to the interface from hose fitting to hose. If the rubber is scored, the hose must be discarded, otherwise water can corrode the wire gauze causing a hose failure.
    To ensure safe air tank removal after filling, the fill valve has an integral venting bore. Therefore always close the tank valve before closing the fill valve.